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Quilt Information

Patchwork Quilt Information

What are the quilts for?

Our patchwork quilt bedspreads are designed as top decorative layer on your bed which will provide a beautiful focal point for your bedroom during the day. At night the quilts can be drawn back and you sleep under your normal sheets or duvet. Alternatively the patchwork quilt can be left in place at night providing an extra layer of warmth above your sheets or duvet.

What are the quilts made of?

These quilts are made from fabric woven and printed in India. The quilts are made either from 100% cotton woven plaids and checks or quality plains and prints. The wadding used is 100% cotton which gives a rich, comfortable feel.

How are the quilts made?

The three layers of the patchwork quilts are first machine pieced, where each patchwork 'piece' is sewn to its neighbours to form the top layer. The quilt is then hand quilted by women in villages around Delhi (Rajasthan). This enables them to remain at home and look after their children and also to create additional income for the family.

Hand quilting provides a better quality of quilting than can be achieved with a machine.

You may have seen other patchwork quilt providers use terms such as 'hand placed' or 'hand-worked'. We feel that these terms are deliberately vague, in that they were probably hand placed into a machine or the machine was operated by hand!

Are the quilts ethical?

Ethical trade is something that affects us all and we do take it seriously. In this case we are trading directly with the manufacturer of these quilts in India. We were initially concerned (as many of our customers will be) that we were paying a fair price for them and that workers are not being exploited. We are satisfied with the answers we have been provided with by the company.

For more information we recommend visiting the following link: http://www.roughguide-betterworld.com/readOnline/default.aspx

What size are the patchwork quilts?

All the designs are available in three quilt sizes:

King - 255 x 280cm (100" x 110")
Queen/Double - 218" x 244cm (86" x 96")
Single - 165 x 228cm (65" x 90")

Note that the sizes stated are nominal sizes - some variation may occur between designs.

Can they be cleaned?

For most quilts we recommend a cold wash on a gentle cycle. Allow to dry flat or on a line. If you purchase the Puzzle Quilt we recommend dry-cleaning only because of the tea-dye wash that has been applied.

What are the Pillow Shams?

We also have coordinating Pillow Shams which finish the effect off beautifully! These extra wide pillows measure approximately 53 x 69cm (21" x 27"). Each sham includes a filler that is supplied compressed in a sealed bag.

Can the quilts be stored?

Each patchwork bedspread comes with its own storage bag.

Quilt Information